This Week’s Promoted Store – Jeniebug’s Corner Couture


We are now doing weekly promoted stores & sellers – This week:

Jeniebug’s Corner Couture

From the description:

“This store is full of creative crochet projects made by hand with love and care. This fun, relaxing, and therapeutic art form gives me the chance to create and share. All items made by me are special and unique in there own way. Some items provided are one of it’s kind. I specialize in hats, scarfs, Afghans and what ever else my creative nature takes me.”

View all of Jeniebug’s Corner’s Items for Sale:

JenieBug's Corner

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This Week’s Promoted Store – Sweet Assumptions

We are now doing weekly promoted stores & sellers – This week:

Sweet Assumptions

From the description:

“I am an independently owned and operated internet, home-based business, located in Calhoun, GA. I have been in business since October 2008. I offer a variety of delicious and fun gifts to give to Friends, Family, Employees and Clients. My product line includes a variety of items for baby showers, wedding showers and birthdays. From uniquely designed Diaper Cakes and Diaper Wreaths (check out my Over-the-Hill Depends Diaper products), to “one of kind” Candy Bar Cakes and Gift Bouquets. All my items are hand-made and made to order. I’m always creating new designs, so check back often. Happy Shopping…Karen O., CEO-Chief Enjoyment Officer of Sweet Assumptions”

View all of Sweet Assumptions’ Items for Sale:

Sweet Assumptions

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This Week’s Promoted Store – Gingernell’s Closet

We are now doing weekly promoted stores & sellers – This week:

Gingernell’s Closet

Gingernell's Closet Logo

From the description:

“I am selling women’s clothing, shoes and accessories! I do specialize in plus sizes but can’t pass up a bargain in any size! I love to shop and find great deals to pass on to my customers at affordable prices. Please, check out my clothes, shoes, purses and other items for women of all ages! Free Shipping in the USA!”

View all of Gingernell’s Items for Sale:


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Testers Needed – EBid Importer Available

EBid Importer Available(beta)

We have a new EBid inventory file importer(beta). It will import the listings form The Ebid Spreadsheet format or from EBid listings you download from Etsy. We would like those of you who sell on EBid to try uploading their files. We have tested it on our end but since there is so much variance we prefer do a quick beta.

It will automatically set durations, UPCs, ISBNs, and even catches make offer min and max prices.

You must select a Global Category for your listings as EBid’s Categories do NOT match ours, then in the bulk editor change the categories.

It will capture item sizes with limited support in certain categories(we’ll try and improve this after beta).

We also changed the main bulk lister to a standard HTML file upload instead of the flash uploader which was causing some problems with Internet Explorer, so check that out as well.

Also we’re working one of these CSV importers for Turbo Lister exported files. That means once that is available you can seamlessly upload Turbo Lister CSV Files with no conversion on your part just like we have for EBid!

Please log in and try it out.

We thank testers for your time.

If you have any questions contact us at

Also visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

View our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.

ShoppeThat Staff

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PO Box 115 Princeton, TX 75407

Google Shopping(beta) and

We submit all qualified listings to automatically which is free.

We have just launched a Google Shopping System(beta). If you want to get your listings in Google Shopping, contact us at

To Use our with Google Shopping Plans, you must make sure all of your listings are compliant Google’s Policies. Here is a list of links to Google’s Policies. If your listings are not compliant, this could result in listings being rejected by google or deletion of your feeds.

We manage a multi-client account on your behalf, meaning that we create a sub-account for you. We create a data feed for you and submit that to google.

Any listings submitted to Google Shopping must comply wholly with Google’s Polices.

To use the Google Shopping Plans, go to “My Account” and under Shopping Feeds, select Google Shopping. Choose a Plan. You pay a higher commission to for listings sent to Google Shopping. This is added to our main Five Percent Commission. We use the extra money to pay for clicks. We cannot make the money go to specific sub-accounts as Google Does not offer this option. We cannot track which listings were sold through Google Shopping. We will not charge you for any listings not submitted in the data feeds. If your item did not qualify or was disapproved then it will not get submitted in the data feeds and we will only charge our main Five Percent Commission.

You must select Add My Items To Google Shopping in the Google Shopping page. You must also select Add To Google Shopping on each listing.

You can add all of your listings to Google Shopping in the Bulk Editor.  Go to “My Account” and under Bulk Listing Tools, select Bulk Editor. Select Add To Google Shopping. Go to the bottom of the form and check all. Now click the submit button.

The Following are not our policies but simply a reiteration of Google’s Policies.


1. Feed Specification Requirements – Complete specification requirements for Google Shopping. Most of this taken care of by our feed generator, however we require you do not add non – compliant listings to Google Shopping. Click here.

2. Image Requirements – Google requires image be a minimum of 250 * 250 in size and for all items in the Apparel and Accessories categories, the item’s images must be at least 400 * 400. Images may not use watermarks or brand logos. Click here for more information.

3. Adult Content Policy – No adult items or items considered by Google to be non family safe may be submitted. These include adult products or lingerie in a sexual fashion. Click here.

4. Google’s Brand – All listings be compliant with Google’s Brand Decisions. Click here for more information on Google’s Brand.

5. Illegal Items – You may not submit listings that are illegal. Click here for complete list of illegal items.

6. Controversial Topics – You may not submit listings that are controversial. Click here for complete list of items that are considered controversial.

7. Prohibited Items – You may not submit any items that are prohibited. Click here for a complete list of items that are prohibited.

8. Buy Out Only Listings – All Items submitted to Google Shopping may be buy out only. This means items may not be auctions or auction listings with buy out enabled. Click here.

9. Direct Payment Only – Listings must have a direct payment method to be listed on Google Shopping. You must accept PayPal or Google Checkout (Google Wallet) or both. Click here.

10. Unique Product Identifiers – Your listings must contain the correct unique product identifiers to be listed on Google Shopping. Unique Product Identifiers include Global Trade Identification Numbers, UPC, ISBN, EAN, and MPN. Click here.

11. Exemptions – If your items do not have Unique Product Identifiers contact us and we will request an exemption on your sub – account. Note – the unique product identifiers must not have unique product identifiers for that product to be exempt. The items must be in a category that qualifies for exemption. Click here.

12. Editorial Guidelines – Your listings must be compliant with Google’s Editorial Guidelines. You may not use promotional terms such as Free Shipping. Click here.

13. Duplicate Content Policy – You may not submit more than one of each item. Do not submit items that vary as individual listings. These will be considered duplicate content. This applies only the Apparel And Accessories Category. Click here.

14. Item Availability – Item Availability is required for items to be submitted to Google Shopping. Our feed generator will automatically filter out any items without the Item Availability selected. You may not submit dropshipped listings. Items with In Stock selected must be available to be shipped within 3 Business days. Click here for more information.

15. Title And Description – You may not use promotional messages in your Title and Description. You must also use correct Grammar and Spelling in you title And description.Click here for more information.

16. Penalties For Disapproval – Your listings may be disapproved by Google. Repeated disapprovals may result in your sub – account being de – activated. Google Shopping reserves the right to de – activate sub – accounts. Click here for a complete explanation of Penalties.

17. Refund And Return – All items submitted to Google Shopping must have an obvious Return And Refund Policy. Click here for more information.

18. Condition – All items must have an accurate condition specified. All items that have been opened or missing their original packaging are considered used. All Antiques are considered used. Click here for more information.


These are our polices for using Google Shopping with through our site.

19. We disapprove some listings – We may disapprove some listing from going into the feeds.

20. Item Variants – We do not allow sellers to submit items that vary by color, size, pattern, or material. This applies only the Apparel And Accessories Category. We will add this functionality later.

Disclaimer: In no way are we affiliated with or sponsored by Google.